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Aug 28, 2018
Hello Everyone, Welcome To My Channel. This Is TheVideoGamer64's Third Main Channel / Sixth And My Final Channel On Here. On This Channel, I Will Be Posting Arcade Related Videos, And I Will Also Be Uploading My Retro Gaming Videos On Here And My TheVideoGamer64 Channel. I Hope That You All Enjoy This Video ! Feel Free To Subscribe To My TheVideoGamer64 Channel On VidLii To See More Videos On There. Also Feel Free To Subscribe To My PlsyStation4Gamer64 Video On VidLii To See More Videos On Here. Also Feel Free To Subscribe To This Channel On VidLii To See More Videos On Here. I Hope That You All Enjoy The Future Videos That I Will Be Uploading On This Channel. Enjoy The Videos And My Channel Everyone ! :)

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My Video Got Featured For The First Time On This Channel On September 25th, 2018 . :)
Hey everyone, This is TheVideoGamer64's 2nd Main Channel that I use. On this channel you will see my older videos and my newer videos, feel free to subscribe to me to see more videos on here and my TheVideoGamer64 channel. :)

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Welcome to my channel everyone. I was known as SegaSaturnGamer48 on
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Hello everyone, This was XBoxGamerSSG48, then it was
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Markhoss (1 week ago) Hey bro thanks for messaging me and I wish I could say sorry but at this point theres no excuse I left it in days again so apologizing wouldnt be genuine anymore. About what I did that day I am not sure but I have some plans of videos and I found a bunch of stuff that would fit this website perfectly with even CRT TV videos before my dad sold it etc so I am not sure when it will get uploaded but I always get stuff done even if I take a break as I may have a dream but the dream has me working ^_^
Markhoss (3 weeks ago) Hi bro I am back now thanks for trying to talk to me on discord I did read it yet I ignored it I am sorry for my lack of communication and just want to say thanks you're one the people who doesnt give up and always shows support to those you care about I had a bad time the past couple of months and realized I have the same ability but I guess I had to go through some pain again I was beginning to feel tired and became useless hope you're well its my turn now HA! ^_^ Your tortoise friend Markhoss
EthanF44 (1 month ago) Yeah, I recently got into Michael Jackson's music.
EthanF44 (1 month ago) I'm gud
Markhoss (8 months ago) For the weekend I am planning to relax a bit, thinking of going ice skating within the next 2 days because I haven't done it in years so really hope I get to I've always been the kind of guy who loves snow and ice, maybe because I ain't a car driver yet!:-D Apart from that I started moving chunks of files to back it all up before I can upgrade to new windows ,apart from that not sure really I'll see, thinking of playing some PS1/PS2 games on the emulator too.;-)
Lightstorm91 (8 months ago) I have uploaded an update video of how it will continue after my channel closure on January 15th.
Markhoss (8 months ago) I've calmed now a little bit now thanks for caring bro I appreciate it! Yeah about the weekend me too because I might be able to install windows 10 this week and backup all my data and then finally I can start recording PS1 videos! (Driver 1&2 is the first plan)
Lightstorm91 (8 months ago) We can still be pals. Except I don't use Facebook or Twitter or any of those sites. I'm planning to have a kind of guestbook on my site where people can write in. I am a little bit sick at the moment
Markhoss (8 months ago) Thanks for that bro I will feel better eventually, can't wait for the weekend so I can rest a little! With your videos I have to get a bit better and comment on them at least after your hard work put into them, I'll make sure to do that very soon.:-)
Markhoss (8 months ago) Hope you're doing well though let me know matey.;-)
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