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Aug 28, 2018
Hello Everyone, Welcome To My Channel. This Is TheVideoGamer64's Third Main Channel / Sixth And My Final Channel On Here. On This Channel, I Will Be Posting Arcade Related Videos, And I Will Also Be Uploading My Retro Gaming Videos On Here And My TheVideoGamer64 Channel. I Hope That You All Enjoy This Video ! Feel Free To Subscribe To My TheVideoGamer64 Channel On VidLii To See More Videos On There. Also Feel Free To Subscribe To My PlsyStation4Gamer64 Video On VidLii To See More Videos On Here. Also Feel Free To Subscribe To This Channel On VidLii To See More Videos On Here. I Hope That You All Enjoy The Future Videos That I Will Be Uploading On This Channel. Enjoy The Videos And My Channel Everyone ! :)

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My Video Got Featured For The First Time On This Channel On September 25th, 2018 . :)
Hey everyone, This is TheVideoGamer64's 2nd Main Channel that I use. On this channel you will see my older videos and my newer videos, feel free to subscribe to me to see more videos on here and my TheVideoGamer64 channel. :)

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MrArcadeRetroGamer64 (1 week ago) Today, on December 6th, 2019 has made 10 years since I joined Social Media, so today I am adding two videos on this channel instead of one. :) I hope y'all enjoy the past videos that I done, the present videos that I am currently doing, and the future videos that I will be doing. Enjoy the videos everyone, and also feel free to subscribe to me on my main channel on VidLii name TheVideoGamer64 to see more videos on there as well! :)
PaperMikes (3 months ago) Dang! I understand. My collection brings back fond memories as well. Good on you trying to build it back up again! And that's totally okay.
PaperMikes (3 months ago) Good to hear! It's always nice to see another retro gaming channel around. You seem to have a lot of N64 games.
PaperMikes (3 months ago) Thank you! I'm doing well. How about yourself? :)
CameraMan (4 months ago) hey there i saw your videos and theyre cool
Homereddie1 (7 months ago) Pretty good, you?
Homereddie1 (7 months ago) Pretty good. The holiday part is over.
Homereddie1 (7 months ago) Awesome
Homereddie1 (7 months ago) Staying home. Grandparents coming over. You?
Homereddie1 (7 months ago) Cool
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