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Jul 11, 2017
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Welcome to my channel everyone. I was known as SegaSaturnGamer48 on YouTube and on the original VidBit. And also known as ClassicGamingDude and nintendo64ization on YouTube, But I am known as XBoxGamerSSG48 on here. Here is a link to my other channel on here.

On this channel, I will be uploading retro game videos on here such as gameplays, my opinion on stuff, random videos, gaming videos and more. Feel free to Subscribe to me on both of my channels on here to see more videos. I hope that you all enjoy my videos and my channels on here !

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On A Mission To Collect More And More Video Games
Collecting Video Games, Making Videos, and Many More. :)
Scarface, The Godfather, Casino, Goodfellas, Titanic, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974 Version) , and many other movies.
The Beatles, Roy Orbison, and many other older bands, I like some newer bands, but more of an older music fan.
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Cool People.
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Call Of Duty : World War 2 My Rando...
@E1993Jon Cool I enjoy both Battlefield 1 and Call Of Duty : World War 2 as well. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the video. :)
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My Uncharted 1 Random Gameplay Part...
@BigMushroomFan Thanks man. I'm glad you enjoyed the video :)
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TheVideoGamer64 commented on a video (20 hours ago)
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CrystalFairy (11 hours ago) good. what type of fighting game do u play?
TheVideoGamer64 (12 hours ago) Offline For The Night Goodnight To You All. Talk To Y'all Later. :)
InnocentMusik (13 hours ago) Sorry for the late reply but that's great! What game you got for the PS4?
CrystalFairy (13 hours ago) well i played king of fighter on my iphone. i love fighting games
how about u?
RobouteGuilliman (14 hours ago) meh...nothing special.
RobouteGuilliman (17 hours ago) Cool? uhh...ok? But God of war... That game i need to think about.
sofacus (18 hours ago) doing okay, looking for a job right now.
Junarata (19 hours ago) Nice :D
BigMushroomFan (19 hours ago) Nice video, I have it 5 stars and commented! :)
BigMushroomFan (22 hours ago) Nice! :D
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