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Jul 11, 2017
Welcome to my channel everyone. I was known as SegaSaturnGamer48 on YouTube and on the original VidBit. And also known as ClassicGamingDude and nintendo64ization on YouTube, But I am known as TheVideoGsmer64 , MrArcadeRetroGamer64, and XBoxGamer64ization on here. Here is a link to my other channel on here.

On this channel, I will be uploading retro game videos on here such as gameplays, my opinion on stuff, random videos, gaming videos and more. Feel free to Subscribe to me on both of my channels on here to see more videos. I hope that you all enjoy my videos and my channels on here !

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United States
On A Mission To Collect More And More Video Games, And Movies
Collecting Video Games, Making Videos, and Many More. :)
Scarface, The Godfather, Casino, Goodfellas, Titanic, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974 Version) , and many other movies.
The Beatles, Roy Orbison, and many other older bands, I like some newer bands, but more of an older music fan.
Video Game Magazines / Books
Cool People.
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Welcome to my VidLii channel. I hope you all enjoy this channel. Feel free to Subscribe to my VidLii channel to see more videos on here. I hope you all enjoy my content. :)
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@OtakuCaballeroIX Thanks pal. I agree that the Wii and the GameCube are great consoles. Those two are some of the greatest consoles ever made. Thank y...
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Pachirisi (2 days ago) pachi (if you do that, i would also say to catch as many pokemon as you can and evolve them to get in the pokedex and i also would keep 2 or 3 other pokemon with you that are strong to help with the hard battles and when you beat the game, get the rest of the pokemon that you want for battles)
Pachirisi (2 days ago) pachi (they are, but i'm only using my starter pokemon for most battles and it's starting to get hard)
Hideyoshi (2 days ago) Good.
Yukina (2 days ago) Good to hear. Dunno what was going on, either.
4cords (2 days ago) Please look at my suggestion on The Atari 2600 Game I'll Be Reviewing Next Is? video.
AlmightyGaming (2 days ago) I like the 3DS, I think it had a good selection of games.
AlmightyGaming (3 days ago) Yeah it is nice.
NavyAdmiralRanmaru (3 days ago) Pretty fun so far
Temari (4 days ago) cool same here
AlmightyGaming (4 days ago) I'm able to upload vids again!
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