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Age: 40
This Channel is Mainly a Gaming Channel where I upload Gaming related content,But I also Love to Collect and upload Comics and Manga and I also love to Upload AMVs and other random videos like Sprite Animations,Custom Wallpapers and stuff like that.
Country: United States
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The Headless Horseman - Comicolor (1934)
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Eds Into the Night 3 months ago
Kids WB - Fan Revival Lineup
Kids WB - Fan Revival Lineup 3 months ago
Lenny and the Battletoads
Lenny and the Battletoads 4 months ago
Courage the Cowardly Dog- Sinner
Courage the Cowardly Dog- Sinner 4 months ago
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StarBomberRevice2021 commented on a video (1 week ago)
Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Origin...
@ThatSmokinCat23 oh same here buddy,which I love all the new battle outfits that tomoyo designed for Sakura in that new Follow up direct sequel espec...
StarBomberRevice2021 *Breaks down into Tears and starts crying really hard* (2 weeks ago)
StarBomberRevice2021 it's just become too stressful for my current mentle Health and Aging/Mid Life Crisis at this point,which i'm not young anymore,and it's just too much for my current mentle condition,youtube is a fucking joke now and it's such a trash/garbage site now full of toxicity and drama and smaller users like us no longer have a chance on there anymore,and these garbage/shitty alternatives aren't much better either. (3 weeks ago)
StarBomberRevice2021 honestly guys,I'm considering a pernament Retirement from the internet in general at one point,because getting constantly disapointed over and over and over time and time again from these trash garbage sites,and not to mention I never got anymore on youtube which my hardwork constantly gets ignored on there in favor of those shitheads and not to mention i had to constantly deal with they're bullshit copyrights getting my accounts suspended over and over again. (3 weeks ago)
StarBomberRevice2021 Holy Shit! You guys weren't kidding,i took a look at LiiVid,and that site is beyond rediculously broken as Fuck,it barely even functions as a decent sites,which is infested with glitches,Bugs,which you can't even see people's channels,thiat site is worst than both Zippcast and Vanillo combined. Thank god I never made an account on there which I saved myself from Mentle frustration and disapointment. (3 weeks ago)
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StarBomberRevice2021 (1 week ago)
@iloveanime721backup - Sorry man,but I'm not gonna bother wasting my precious time on that site,only to regret being disapointed later,as that site will just end up having Bugs/Crashes/glitches and eventually TOxicated drama,as bad as Vidlii is right now,I've putted alot of extreme hard work into trying to build up this channel and I would hate to see it go to waste.
iloveanime721backup (1 week ago)
forgive me for bothering you. bradley got liivid. are you joining or not? i got some obligations i must meet but i'm still a vidlii guy. i took hiatus. the pedophile dramas caused me huge grief and distrust with many people these days
BlitzBasedQuintoon (1 week ago)
I know the feels, mane. YouTube sucks mu big multiracial dik, yo! SHIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEET! I think I should quit VidLii too cuz moderators, admins and owner are diarrhea cummin out AVGN's huwite cock, mayn. SillyLaird, 1 of da admins blocked me 4 no fukin reason, son. He'll block u 2 so watch out!
ThatSmokinCat23 (1 week ago)
Oh, well, I think that site is far from great, buddy, which I'm not planning on doing much there, aside from uploading videos, for now, anyway, until I can grow my Rumble channel. Don't worry, buddy, I haven't left Minds for good, which I might return soon, actually. I had no idea about that, buddy. Griffen commented on one of my videos, but I haven't talked to that person. What happened, buddy?
ThatSmokinCat23 (2 weeks ago)
Hey, buddy, I'm actually on a new account there, which I responded to you on there. Sadly, buddy, besides Bitchute, it's the only other site my videos get attention. After feeling inferior for so long, it's one of the only good things that happened to me this year, buddy. But I don't want you to use that site if it upsets you, buddy. Especially because I had a very similar experience with Vid me... I was even thinking of deleting my Vidlii account because I'm also so sick of these alternitives.
iloveanime721backup (3 weeks ago)
BlitzBasedQuintoon it's not worth running to another website that copies vidlii just to fix the problem when there will be toxic users. but that's everywhere
iloveanime721backup (3 weeks ago)
@BlitzBasedQuintooni'm not gonna lie here but them people on liivid need to get talking to. making a repeated site just because of of the community hated vidlii? that's life. and if people can't handle situation then how can they handle life situation far worse then vidlii or medias? i'm going to be careful about what i say becuase many of them did judge me as a pedophile. a lot of them would block everything i said before considering hearing me out.
ThatSmokinCat23 (3 weeks ago)
@BlitzBasedQuintoon I had to wait over 20 hours to set up my channel, as it crashed right after I joined. Not only does the uploader get disabled, but channels do too.
BlitzBasedQuintoon (3 weeks ago)
I made a LiiVid account only to delete as soon as I made it after I tried to upload something due to my videos being unable to play. Not to mention you can't say whatever the fuck you want on there. @ThatSmokinCat23
ThatSmokinCat23 (3 weeks ago)
Hey, buddy, thanks so much for your awesome comment, which I put so much into my new Eds AMV, and I'm so proud of it. Also, buddy, I can let you know, I did make an account on Liivid, as I was hoping it would be like the old Vidbit. I can tell you now, buddy, that site is a broken down waste of time, it has the worst bugs I've ever seen, and getting attention on your videos is pure luck. It's sad, buddy, Vidlii has gotten so shitty, its users are willing to settle for such a half assed site.
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