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This Channel is Mainly a Gaming Channel where I upload Gaming related content,But I also Love to Collect and upload Comics and Manga and I also love to Upload AMVs and other random videos like Sprite Animations,Custom Wallpapers and stuff like that.
Country: United States
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artemis0 (3 days ago)
4 below me is mental brain rot
Oyashima (4 days ago)
Plus Animax dubs are owned by Sony but the work was done in Hong Kong,Sony the company is still around while the companies behind the trashy sm dub have folded decades ago.similar how nangbaby went on on about no redubs,just release the old edited dub with the awkward transition from generic 90s music to Takenori’s score within 2 seasons,missing episodes,lesbian cousins and having the original cast do the fifth season even though more than half of them left the va business years ago
Oyashima (4 days ago)
Remember Duane/sailormoonred1?he made a video on the dic dub airing on metoons tv which is obviously unlikely.atleast with the Omni productions/Animax Dub of Cardcaptor Sakura being available in North America atleast had input/okey doke giving by clamp(I don’t know if it’s all or one of the members,I just know Jason Demarco verified that it’s clamps reason as why Cardcaptors is not legally available).Naoko has control and she’s infamous for being stubborn to negotiate
Oyashima (4 days ago)
Power rangers is officially cancelled with Dino fury and with younger children being aware of marvel content way more than pr atleast in the west then that means more super sentai series might find a possibility in future airings in international markets cause I know Dairanger is on tubitv like how Saban’s masked rider flopped and Kuuga which came out 4 years later aired dubbed in English for Anglophone parts of Asia(Hong Kong,Malaysia)
Oyashima (4 days ago)
Hey I like your content,I’m big into uploading rare/obscure episodes mostly Asian English dubs and Tokusatsu dubs.,I think I remember you back in 2012 on YouTube.and no I’m not Ivan I’m another user(I also was on Metajolt,chillspot,scenesfeed and a member of the post 2012 cosmic panda refugee community that found their place here).have a nice time chrono
test3 (1 week ago)
george floyd is alive and well
bitviewsux (2 weeks ago)
im ban at bitview i dont care it sux anyway.
vidliisucksdick (2 weeks ago)
bitview is shitty and as boring as trashcan most user are ban!
but here most user close their account big difference!
bitview 1 out of 10
vidlii 10.. way better
Iloveyouallblessingx (4 weeks ago)
athena is friend
Iloveyouallblessingx (1 month ago)
Happy birthday.
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