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Age: 39
This Channel is Mainly a Gaming Channel where I upload Gaming related content,But I also Love to Collect and upload Comics and Manga and I also love to Upload AMVs and other random videos like Sprite Animations,Custom Wallpapers and stuff like that.
Country: United States
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Cuphead/Whopper - Deal With the Devil
Cuphead/Whopper - Deal With the Devil 3 months ago
One Piece- Way Away
One Piece- Way Away 4 months ago
Rens Pressure Point
Ren's Pressure Point 4 months ago
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StarBomberRevice2021 commented on a video (1 week ago)
Gosamaru and Yoshimasa kills ilovea...
XD Great job killing that cocksucking little Faggot Ever since Day one,he never learns,he's not only a stalker creep but also a Pedophol...
StarBomberRevice2021 I hate this fucking little Dipshit so much,that just talking about him or even mentioning his Name "EVER AGAIN" is gonna drive me up the fucking wall,which I've finnally come this close to finnally rebuild my life to cure my depression and I can't aford to risk having another year of anymore of my precious youth dystroyed because of this guy! (3 weeks ago)
StarBomberRevice2021 Thats right guys,THis ONE GUY.......THIS ONE INDIVIDUAL LITTLE FUCKTARD solely responsible for why my nerve damage is worst than ever,I'm not gonna even mention his name,but this one pedophile/Stalker Creep has shredded every ounce of my youth and damaged my Mentle sanity to the point that I want nothing to do with this guy ever again,which I've long cutted ties with this guy. (3 weeks ago)
StarBomberRevice2021 I've suffered more severe nerve damage this year than i Can combine,it's bad enough that i'm dealing with dysfunctional family problems in my real life,but one individual has also caused me more nerve wrecking damage than any other shithead i've delt with in the past,this one Lone individual has shreded every once of my nerves to the Point that I've had several mentle breakdowns this year to the point i nearly lost my Sanity (3 weeks ago)
StarBomberRevice2021 iloveanime721! you did this shit to yourself,you have no one else to blame but yourself,it was your own god damn fault on why so many people have turned on your faggot ass because of how you treated others like shit in the past for no fucking reason at all and constantly stalking they're accounts and harrassing people,now please stop fucking mentiong me and bradley and Fuck off and get a fucking life you worthless little fucking faggot ass Shithead Creep! I'm not accepting your god damn apology! (1 month ago)
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Gosamaru (1 week ago) lol
StarBomberRevice2021 (2 weeks ago)
@OfficerBakaboy1111 Mother Fucker! Get your Faggot ass off my god damn channel,you stupid Ignorant little Teenage Punk! Take your shit eating immature Trolling tatics Elsewhere,because I don't have time for childish little Punks like you! Go fuck yourself!
bakaboy1111 (2 weeks ago)
one more thing. i have no dealings with any dramas anymore ok? but i will say, be weary of the trolls. a lot of troll invasion masking people
bakaboy1111 (2 weeks ago)
shut it buster. chrono, i'll see if i can talk to cartoonkid. however you're are not my friend but i'm still entitled to break the rules. it's my fault for the whole mess since 2013
OfficerBakaboy1111 (2 weeks ago)
OfficerStar2021 (2 weeks ago)
bakaboy1111 (2 weeks ago)
yo dude, hear me out. i've moved on with the dramas sometime ago. you gotta stop letting your midlife crisis get the best of you. i was going through the same thing but realize you can't change the world. this social media, the reason why ppl act so funny, let em. parents, even young people. society' already corrupted even before all of this set on vidlii
TheVideoGamer64 (3 weeks ago)
Hey buddy. How are you?
BriannaJoy (1 month ago)
Let us start a friendship!
E-mail me @
AnthonyGiarrusso (1 month ago)
How have you been?
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