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"Comedy in the Air!"

Greetings, one and all! We are OSS Headquarters, a non-profit TTS channel that creates TTS Videos that stand out.

This VidLii channel is sort of like our backup source, but we'll use Wii U Mii sprites here because we feel like that would be a cool throwback in addition to YouTube's old 2008 interface here on VidLii. We also wanna take music out of videos we upload here, since our older video didn't have very much of it.

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Windows XP Song
Windows XP Song 1 year ago
The Miis Have Arrived
The Miis Have Arrived 1 year ago
Baking | Microsoft Sam Fails
"Baking" | Microsoft Sam Fails 1 year ago
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Update with Microsoft David
0:19 Just type "Viddli" into your TTS software and you should be able to get it.
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Are There Any Other Sams I Should K...
Just to quickly note, maybe next time you decide to use our designs, put our older ones (from 2018) into VidLii videos, since that's what we plan on d...
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Are There Any Other Sams I Should K...
@SuperSwirliiTitan198 @SuperSwirliiTitan198 Fun Fact: You can actually pay to get rid of the watermark from KineMaster AND PowerDirector for Android.
OSSLii One more request and we might just start working on #FWEOriginalEpisodes 8 sometime in september! And please don't lose hope for #TECKEEMG, #PrjTk2 Episode 2, or #FWEShorts 2. They'll be coming at some point, mark our words! (3 months ago)
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8-BIT SOUNDS || Microsoft Mike read...
@SuperSwirliiTitan198 Also, this series is supposed to be part of a chapter of our cannon that pre-dates request preferences.
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OSSLii (8 months ago)
Hello! How's it going?
DadudeLII (8 months ago)
OSSLii (1 year ago)
UPDATE: In the future, the videos we upload to this channel won't have any music whatsoever. Think of this channel like sort of a "lite" equivalent of our YouTube channel.
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