Mark Riquelme
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Age: 25
My name is Mark Riquelme, I'm the owner of Sailor Moon Universe and welcome to my VidLii channel! I was making of YTP and edited videos for every Sunday. Make sure subscribe to my VidLii channel! So, in the name of the universe, I'll punish you!
Schools: Miami Coral Park Senior High School
Movies: The Craft
Music: Muse
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Riquelme94 (5 months ago)
Thanks, @HotLocalDad.
HotLocalDad (7 months ago)
nice stuff m8
Riquelme94 (1 year ago)
Sure, I'll do it but I got my MMD videos, 4dojo.
4dojo (1 year ago)
no problem. You should upload your mmds soon ;D
Riquelme94 (1 year ago)
Thanks, 4dojo.
4dojo (1 year ago)
hello riquel. Welcome to vidlii :)
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