RodneySystems2007 gave up the internet.
RodneyIsOffline Joined: Mar 03, 2018 Subscribers: 177 Video Views: 554 Channel Views: 4,188
Age: 17
My real name: Rodney Capra
My birth date: July 25th, 2003
Location: United States

I was formerly RodneySystems2007. The reason why I quit the internet it's because I have a lot of hatebase on YouTube.

It all started back in July 2017 with my first YouTube account named "logoboy98".

In March 2018 I came back with my second YouTube account that had my full name.

In June 2018 with my third YouTube account named "rodneystrikesback".

In July 2018, with my fourth YouTube account (same as March 2018) and I met CreamSupreme1062.

In September 2018 with my fifth YouTube account named "Rodney The Reuploader Guy".

In September 2020, I came back to YouTube with my sixth account named "Rodney Systems // ColumbiaFan2003".

In October 22nd 2020, I had many hatebase on YouTube and I decided to quit the internet for good.
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RodneySystems2007 Archives (Part 4)...
@SW78Returns I reposted it, check it out!
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This title is too long! (Read the D...
I recorded this back in February 8th, 2018. (the date before the drama I had with SUPERDUDE43 back in February 9, 2020.)
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(REUPLOAD) 1986 Walt Disney Home Vi...
TBH, I published this video back in late 2017.
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This title is too long! (Read the D...
I do not own this video. (REUPLOAD) au•ton•o•mous [films] logo, 2007 RKO Pictures logo, Signature Entertainment logo and Foresight Unlimited ...
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