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Jun 06, 2017
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Believe in yourself and know that you are. Know that there is something inside of you greater than any obstacle.
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SorteKat commented on a video (2 weeks ago)
NAZARETH - This Flight Tonight ✈...
Stopping by to see how you are. Been a long time since we were here. Hope all is well Veronica. You are never forgotten and sometimes we visit your YT...
SorteKat commented on a video (5 months ago)
SorteKat commented on a video (5 months ago)
Yoschi,our amazing Jay 🐦
He was a beautiful bird. Thank you Veronica for sharing with us.
SorteKat commented on a video (5 months ago)
Walk In Clacton On Sea Town Essex
Nice video. Thank you.
SorteKat commented on a video (5 months ago)
An Update & A Movie That I Got Rece...
Haven't seen "Cry Wolf". Used to watch a lot of horror films but we are into comedy now. Hope you enjoy your movie. Have a great day. Time definitely ...
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TheVideoGamer64 (2 weeks ago) Thank y'all so much for stopping by on my channel. My mom and I have been doing good. How about y'all? :)
TheVideoGamer64 (2 months ago) Hey how are you?
WildAnimalsAndMore (2 months ago) I hope everything is going well
TheVideoGamer64 (4 months ago) Hey, how are y'all?
ilove1994 (4 months ago) Hey been a long time what up?
MrArcadeRetroGamer64 (4 months ago) Hey , how are y'all doing?
Markhoss (5 months ago) Hi sorry for the late reply over here I've just installed windows 10 so I can get back to uploading videos, however my keyboard is still being problematic so that makes things a lot harder. With youtube I was never happy over there after 2010 and I've only been there for 1 year up until that point, I have no idea how I could have tolerated up until recently but I can say one thing youtube will never improve it only ever gets worse. Hope you have a nice weekend.:-)
TheVideoGamer64 (5 months ago) Aw thank y'all so much my friends. I appreciate it a lot. I hope y'all are having a nice and a very wonderful week! :)
Naturelover (5 months ago) ♪|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|♫
░♫ ▓ ♫░
░♫╝╚ ♪░ ¸.•*¨ Shelley & Max ¸.•*¨
Markhoss (5 months ago) Hi there absolutely no problem about being inactive :-) My guess was that you were probably going on through something or just haven't had time, or maybe you had work to do so no problem at all. I can be quiet because I've just took a break right when you came back, what a coincidence :-D Well either way I hope you have an awesome weekend too and an awesome day today :-) Take care I'll try to message you as much as I can from time to time!
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