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Age: 20
I review anything and everything.
Occupation: Cool dude who reviews stuff
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T0fug3n commented on a video (3 months ago)
Responding to "It's Time To Stop Wo...
@ElmoLestoso Yes, you have caught me. Im a shill
T0fug3n Hey guys! I got a new video ready to upload, but I'll be keeping it private for a while to check on metadata and stuff before its ready. (1 year ago)
T0fug3n So, the Mafia 2 video can't be split up into two parts properly cuz Part 2 is more than half a GB too big from the limit. SO the video 's gonna be split into a 3 parter, with the last two being only about 10mins long each (1 year ago)
T0fug3n Hey there. New video will be out soon, and it's gonna be a 40min long critique on Mafia 2. Might be out today or tomorrow, cuz it's still rendering atm. (1 year ago)
T0fug3n commented on a video (1 year ago)
Star Wars: Battlefront II (Classic,...
@MammothSupremacy55 It's just the right kind of game for Star Wars fans and regular players! I'm glad I finally played this game, and glad you enjoyed...
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jjay (2 years ago)
Hey!, How's it going?
spodermen2 (2 years ago)
mind you i dont have any editing software so its R A W lol
spodermen2 (2 years ago)
alright, ill see what i can do.
spodermen2 (2 years ago)
any game that you want me to record?
spodermen2 (2 years ago)
glad your still alive
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