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Jun 19, 2017
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Oh hello there, fellow travelers! I've been known by many names... EliTeenDolphin, Peridot XJ9 (From PMC), Blue Zircon (from PMC as well), Eli the Zeratoed (my current PMC name), and formerly known as TotalSkylanderTV! I'm known to be quite mature, yet still goofy at the same time. I'm a former YouTube veteran, and although I still watch videos over there, I decided to move over here because it seemed like a friendly place to be and I wanted to stay over here as peaceful protest until YouTube treats every content creator with respect and allows us to be creative with YTPs once more. Anyways, the content that you can expect from me is less wince-worthy than what I had on YouTube back in the day. Better quality videos are going to be posted here almost every day, and maybe even some test animations and pilots...? Who knows! Feel free to stick around and stare at your computer screen, because we have free cookies and a soon-to-be friendly community. Have fun!

Tune in this week to see some animations and other such quality content!

TSTV Guide: It's rewind time. :3
United States
All-time film/TV nerd
I already graduated back in 2018. :3
Steven Universe, Cartoons, Nostalgia Critic, Old 2010 Youtube, Pokemon, Skylanders (somewhat), and anything nostalgia related!
Spiderverse, both LEGO movies, Spaceballs, Prince of Egypt, Road to El Dorado, Almost Every Single Disney/Pixar Movie, etc.
EDM, 8-bit, electro swing, and anything else that's not wincey pop, country or rap... Because they suck.
Warrior Cats
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BFDI Animation Test!
@SpeakerPro2YT Wow!
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a saddening ost
the lyrics really got to me. song: Mario Artist Talent Studio Music - Po Pi Pa Pi i dont own this song lol
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TheDarkSamutari16 (3 months ago) Happy Birthday ThatZeratoedWithABow 👍
ThatZeratoedWithABow (4 months ago) xD
PurpleSplat (4 months ago) It's a stone, Eli! You didn't make it! *wheeze*
ThatZeratoedWithABow (7 months ago) I can see that, Baywts! xD
And yes. Yes you can, AJ. *Jack from Jack in the Box gets triggered in the distance*
alexanderjt (7 months ago) can i have the mcburger?
baywts2 (7 months ago) yay :D i also have vidlii too
ThatZeratoedWithABow (8 months ago) lel

Also, are you talking about Kyofu? The one with the black hair? He's a Froguar, by the way. Huuuge difference from Zeratoeds. The best way to tell Zeratoeds and Froguars apart is that Froguars are furry and more cat-like while Zeratoeds have no fur (aside from their human hair, of course) and behave more frog-like. Though, both have similar cat and frog-like traits.
alexanderjt (8 months ago) when the
ThatZeratoedWithABow (8 months ago) Thanks, but if you're trying to flirt with me, I already have a boyfriend in real life. As for videos revolving around me, I've had this idea floating around my head for a while now that combines animations with rants that involves me talking about stuff I like but everyone else hates (maybe even the opposite too?), but I need to be able to produce a script, have time in the day to record, and animate so I can make it a reality.
ThatZeratoedWithABow (8 months ago) lel
Speaking of subscribers, I'm not the type to beg for 'em. If people like me, they can feel free to do so, but I'm never going to be that type of person who's like, "PlEaSe SuBsCrIbE," y'know?
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