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Hey guys! Dylan Kelly here I have autism and welcome to our official VidLii Channel!
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YTP - Aladdin commits suicide
I remember this video since of 2012 when I was 14. It was funny lmfao
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How to escape out of trunk of 2019 ...
@NeverJoel That's great! ;)
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@Ultra64 Thank you! :)
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dylandkelly1998 (1 year ago)
Hey guys. i'm back at VidLii since of last year. I haven't use it since of last year. I have an serious announcement going on. YouTube has a new policy for COPPA and FTC. I already quit uploading on YouTube since of today. Before I delete a videos, I download my videos to my hard drive from my main channel and upload at VidLii or Dailymotion. I still might watch YouTube videos instead uploading a videos at YouTube. I know it sucks but yeah. I think that's it for announcement to make
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