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This is the official VidLii account for your edgy Cave Story fangame series, The Edgelord Monogatari Series. (account run by lime metz)
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Chest test (edgelord story test) From: edgelordstory
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Chest test (edgelord story test)
@BaileyBushey1999 That's a good joke.
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Intro test (Edgelord Story test) (1...
@SevenSeff I think there's some options that can allow you to change the "NewGame, Load, and Quit" text. Hell, I changed them myself without any plugi...
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edgelordstory (5 days ago)
@WeAreAllWeebs No, not really.
But there is actually a Chris Chan RPG "CWC Adult Chronicles".
Check out this RPG right here:
WeAreAllWeebs (5 days ago)
Can there be a Sonichu RPG
edgelordstory (1 month ago)
@crashtiny what lmao
crashtiny (1 month ago)
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