wiseman (splendid. we'll devour yooou with the rest!)
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wiseman's qoates "you hearts are as twisted as the next" wiseman have an appetite for souls O_O

anyway i made some random stuff. but this is a serious note. i might do so videos that controversal. well....not controversal. but more like speaking from the heart.
Occupation: your magnus so i can gain powers to myself
Interests: getting your magnus so you could be souless :p
Movies: not interested in movies...but your heart
Books: how to take away a person's heart
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I set all the sounds on my computer...
she's saying "this is so wrong" she's a very powerful person. she doesn't seem to look so powerful. most of the adults isn't taking the whole combatin...
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is the papacy's in league with the ...
hahaha. pope Francis really saying "you tell me"
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I set all the sounds on my computer...
Combat climate changes. right now it looks like a seed. it will quickly become a plant in due time. the plant will eventually become a tree. contamina...
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Pachirisi (2 hours ago)
pachi (i put something to you on deviantart)
Pachirisi (1 day ago)
pachi (see what you think about this thing that i made saturday night- )
Pachirisi (2 days ago)
pachi pachi
TayK (3 days ago)
do you like tay's music bruh?
FREETAYKNOW (3 days ago)
yo add me on disc
DarkSkiessss (4 days ago)
your discord?
Pachirisi (5 days ago)
pachi (i might be getting some wii u games when i can)
DarkSkiessss (5 days ago)
Can we let it go now? I blocked him because he trolled you and harassed you. Superdooperdee He'll get banned though for sure. And i dont think he's leo. I really hate my self esteem, i'm sorry...
DarkSkiessss (5 days ago)
youre good. superdee is wrong. i blocked him hes a complete idiot.
iloveanime721 (5 days ago)
now since I blocked superdooperdee, I'll just only say one thing. I never harassed anyone. read a few previous comments and you'll see one of my past comments. I think somewhere last week? I told superdooperdee that I would ignore him. I didn't wanna keep meaningless dramas going. and if lilazul blocked me, I'll just take the beating g and just move on. never misunderstand things without actually reading. I know a few won't care so I'll just let it go
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