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Jul 21, 2017
i decided to come back. thank you Kleiner-Jay :)
however things is going to be different. the way how i was attacked, things is going to be different for me. i know alot of people isn't going to look at me like the same whether the rumors are true or false. so i have to be strong in life.
United States
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My Opinion On The School Shooting I...
@TheVideogamer64 sorry for what happened last week. i'll brush off everything. anyway, what's scary in our world is....anything can go. the unexpected...
iloveanime721 commented on a video (12 minutes ago)
my potential to help
@keijin sighs my head hurts to be commenting everybody. i explained everything on my video. either believe in a rumor or not. things tend to be either...
iloveanime721 commented on a video (18 minutes ago)
my potential to help
@ThePhantom i know it's wrong. i just couldn't find a way to escape. my depression have been severe for some quite time oh @ittrgrey but you see some ...
iloveanime721 commented on a video (21 minutes ago)
my potential to help
@ittrgrey i drew naked art becuase i'm a fan of DTWX. i also is a fan of some of the millennials. DTWX is my age though. scroll around and see his ar...
iloveanime721 commented on a video (24 minutes ago)
my potential to help
@ittrgrey i'll just take a little granted in trusting you. fine. i just copied off of DTWX's drawing. DTWX is my age. i also mimicked off of some of t...
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iloveanime721 (11 minutes ago) my head hurts to be talking to everybody -_-
vistagunner (3 days ago) its actually a bobomb from paper mario but thanks for commenting on my channel.
iloveanime721 (3 days ago) @Radiant and if i close my account and run away, i would be giving up on hope with some of the people who at least stood by my side. and there's some people's who's not on the right path. society reject humanity. i don't want to. i care for my friends that much. i know. some people may not look at me that way. but i do care for my friends.
iloveanime721 (3 days ago) hey @Radiant are you Coco or Glitter? your account seemed familiar. sorry for all of this. i lashed at edray1416. somehow the drama got out of hand. anyway, i'm not gonna be bothered by that. it's....i wanted to protect ChronoArcAile2018 and Cartoonkid2018 and be supportive to my friends. i guess deep down, i was letting my depression got the best of me. i was facing my inner fears of standing up to life. i guess i'm getting tired of it. i'm just taking slow steps into doing everything.
Pachirisi (3 days ago) pachi (here- )
iloveanime721 (4 days ago) @edray1416 pleas respond. Thank you
iloveanime721 (4 days ago) @edray1416 I took back everything I said. Can you please unblock me? Sorry for my shellfish actions. I shouldn't let things bother me. also I'm still cautious of you too. I assume you hated me because I'm older than you so I'm sorry for what I said.
Rin (4 days ago) Thanks. =)
iloveanime721 (5 days ago) @edray1416. fine sorry. i'm just been pretty ticked off people rsting my videos down.
Hayate (5 days ago) Thanks.
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