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iloveanime721 commented on a video (4 days ago)
BitView is getting worse a shithole...
@lolwho hmmm 13 since a few 18 act like adults :( I act the same. I can't stand people judge and say "act normal"
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jesuschrist0 (1 week ago)
the teasing make fun is not a joke but serious insult to our mental well being. of peer pressure like the community turn on you.. not all maybe a few.
bad one that spread rumors like cancer.
jesuschrist0 (1 week ago)
this is how to fight those who dislike you.. a user that treat me like crap is gonna get hurt for abusing me for months. it wasnt like one day i fell off my bed. a hater who treat me like trash.. i have had enough.
Cliffford (1 week ago)
you suck
fallconn3 (1 week ago)
one person like me matter as much as anyone. i fight to live..
i live to fight those who oppose me as less important or believe i am inferior.
not you. those who treat me like trash.
fallconn3 (1 week ago)
below me. yawn
AnthonyGiarrusso (1 week ago)
You might enjoy the video series "Curse of Oak Island" by the history channel. It is about the curse of trying to find something, but only finding little.
artemis0 (1 week ago)
@artemis you coward talk or fuck off and die you piece of shit. useless eater.
artemis0 (1 week ago)
i have a lot of patience to deal with abusive user who are craphole. .shitty.
of no morals. treat me like trash. im pissed.
artemis0 (1 week ago)
@artemis is hateful neo nazis racist as shit spiteful a scum.
low life trash user. a maggot.
iloveanime721 (1 week ago)
I;lol will post Dr. epstein later
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