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say0narasammy (4 days ago)
@nobie are you alright talk to me lol
lolhuh0 (4 days ago)
the spammy trophy you know
@oyashima stfu autistic fucktard yawn.
trophyislove (1 week ago)
add and sub if you are not lazy
if not do nothing like most of you here
dont be lazy.
lolhuh0 (1 week ago)
christian are easily offended by any opinion. too sensitive for me.
fuckmewhite7xxxlolxx (2 weeks ago)
i live up to my name lol
i can manage 100 page
no problem
this scare many user
dero (2 weeks ago)
why do jtal keep secret but expose me it not fair..
@whitelivesdontmatter is jtal alt page just change username recently
he dox me i dox back play nice. he do have many alt as well but wont say.
i can tell. while making me look bad. to shame me. not a nice person.
dero (2 weeks ago)
freedom has no limit
you have too many page
fuck it..
im fed up with control freak. selfishness..
liargeist189 (2 weeks ago)
their all pedo. that abuse kids sexually and screw each other..
sis and sis in law have their tube die so they can screw everyday..
sick fuck..
child abuse. owned like pet. from birth.. to death.
kids cant disobey or be punish with yelling and ignore. mental abuse.
liargeist189 (2 weeks ago)
my sis and bro marry years ago and both have 2 kid but a mess. since society is broken
i told them not to reproduce they dont listen. stupid fuck. now they got nothing but problem. send their kids to school to get raped by teacher principal cops dumbasses
low iq fucktards i was smarter. just for sex. too horny to give a fuck about problem.
liargeist189 (2 weeks ago)
they were arranged like pet to screw each other then find out they cant get along
by idiot parent. marry first then find out they are incompatible omg. crazy..
my dad lie about his behavior. he dont like to work. drink nonstop. bad to the bone.
lazy as shit. a maggot. buy lottery everyday.. a drunken fool. a trash person.
they be better off if they never marry 3 of us here my sis and bro is a mistake.
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