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iloveanime721 commented on a video (10 hours ago)
@willbaker @willbaker next time, please keep of out the things i'm going through
iloveanime721 commented on a video (10 hours ago)
@willbaker sorry. my reasons talk about the bible because some of us are tired. after andrei told me to change my ways coming from the same guy to tu...
iloveanime721 commented on a video (16 hours ago)
Gosamaru and Yoshimasa kills ilovea...
@Keiji schizo? o really? a lot of people here are blinded. they talk about my past dramas but isn't concerned about the nations headed for a digital c...
iloveanime721 commented on a video (16 hours ago)
GST Rant
so what do you think about the future of america including the world headed for a digital currency? what do you think about all of this?
iloveanime721 commented on a video (19 hours ago)
Moving Away
@KCSunbeam GOD's conservative is very different from human being. i think because of society toxicity absorbed to self-righteous, this is why the nati...
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AboutChickens (3 weeks ago)
hey @iloveanime721 i love your content and your channel it has grown tremendously please check out my video and maybe leave a rating? i do omegle videos
instaLL (3 weeks ago)
@ila721 are you deepkey ?
Leema (3 weeks ago)
What the hell is going on with deepkey
lukeafk (3 weeks ago)
thank you for clarifying
stopfakeyops11 (3 weeks ago)
they are trolling
iloveanime721 (3 weeks ago)
how exactly am i impesonating anyone?
lukeafk (3 weeks ago)
stop impersonating me faggot!
harrot (3 weeks ago)
Stop impersonating me!
iloveanime721 (3 weeks ago)
just to let everyone know that i took down avatar of queen elizabeth. tere is many nations that worshop her. i do not want to get involved in all of this. although i gave my condolenses to the families, a person who dies does not mean they go to heaven. only GOD has the final judge
ila721 (3 weeks ago)
Stop impersonating me!
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