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Age: 15
dont share account with anyone.. even if someone ask for it bad ideas
instead ask that user what to do.. you lose control and likely drama ensue
vistafan12 sks2002 hotdiggygdemom are mod of bitview and stalking us here everyday i got harass on discord by hotdiggedydemon ban.
then left 3 insulting comment that he always ahead of me. more like nosy bastard cant mind his asshole from being fuck by nigga of africa lol went to comment on hypermug1 the censorship yt 2.0 suspended ban fuck a crap site of retardation and idiot mod who only have feeling for themself. asperger syndrome. ban ban ban ban ban trophy account at bv to pm some user such as cazzy thevideorgamrreturns talk to some there gather info. haha banned long ago ban me after harassment on discord to shame me as sam0 the shameless mod that ban you for slightest remark if upset. usually insult ignore. also the1tbharddrive here who say moved to bitview to convince other that bitview is better
safer for user like that who dont like gore and insults love being moderated by a control freak. who think user are just slaves to make mod happy lol see.. came to troll me as well with yapper! with every comment i make and act high mighty.
sks2002 is similar to lolwut on
the rest do his bidding, gossip a lot. hidden lolwut or a user..
bitview mod often ban, sillylaird just ban less than mod at less strict fallconn is irish/uk mix. mom uk dad irish. he wanna mix with pandagaming here 14 year and he does not care.
potato nigga i hate ireland on twitter years ago 2019 by aerobroplane a jew marlon also a jew he been butt hurt since lol rumor
Country: Antarctica
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johnnytheasian lover aint mix he is...
@naturalselector jtal and his alt is a joke. butt hurt over me swearing lol he sure insult a lot and act like we dont matter.. cant take any himself. ...
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「Nightcore」- Like A Virgin ( Gl...
@derodero i am here for you as well for anyone that is lonely and need to talk your wrong about me.
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whiteareracist (1 hour ago)
@jtal @sirius @sayonarasammy ok negro you are dumb as shit lol owned
white are better
low iq.. go back to africa.. my pfp say it al. i am done with you black.
white777 (5 hours ago)
@zombiebeatz2000 get a life paranoia as shit lol
epic lol block all my alt and hide like a rat a terrible person.
white77 (5 hours ago)
@blackdude @burger @whitelivesdontmatter
make more page lazy shit
sexual (6 hours ago)
bitview is for moron only lol
cazzy sux
thevideogamer64 sux
thevideogamerreturns sux
sks2002 sux hotdiggedydemon sux vistafan12 sux sux sux sux paranoia
fallconnxxxlolicutey (21 hours ago)
jtal is too nice he just insult harmless as bug i find him a bit boring
sleepy at time. love drama like sex and attention like porn lmao. rofl haha
Sturmgeist189 (23 hours ago)
I will delete the mock account soon
vidliisuckdicks (1 day ago)
jtal spend ton of time on vidlii like a job.. 7 day a week
8 hour a day no kidding he is serious business so dont take him lightly
a crazy ape of africa gone mad and is trying to fuck us all up.
he know what he do wrong act high and mighty like a cop. bossy.
he sucks..
@naturalselector @sturmgeist189 divide and conquer keep us fighting. drama.
liargeist189 (1 day ago)
@naturalselector jtal and his alt is a joke. butt hurt over me swearing lol
he sure insult a lot and act like we dont matter.. cant take any himself.
his alt are many .. this one.. @whitelivesdontmatter
liargeist189 (1 day ago)
jtal get lost no one care about your personal opinion raging like a lunatic
oh please get a life.. a hobby. make friend not strife and stir up trouble.
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