oh hello there
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my name is nick.
here be my website:
Occupation: doing nothing
Interests: wanting to die
Movies: blade runner
Music: daft punk, bee gees
Books: the making of star wars
plz contact me ;-;
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nickl i have decided because of this one thing i am no longer gonna upload my videos to vidlii because goddamn this website is trash when it comes to uploading videos (1 year ago)
nickl i waited 5 years for my video to reach the top of a queue (was #254) only for the conversion to fail (1 year ago)
nickl commented on a video (1 year ago)
iMac Explosion!
Amazing. 11/10
nickl changed my theme, because y not? (1 year ago)
nickl the 2 videos i just put up an hour ago may be removed/get my channel removed, just wanted to say (2 years ago)
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