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scribble (4 months ago) @xiloveanime721x did i do something that made you upset? if i did im sorry. i couldn't sleep at all but got some sleep but i probably was sleepwalking while on the computer and i could've done something here that made u mad or upset. I'm sorry okay? Just tell me. I'm clueless about all of this.
scribble (4 months ago) @xiloveanime721x if you don't tell me then how can i help you?
scribble (4 months ago) @xiloveanime721x i don't remember what happened earlier today in the middle of the night. im clueless. tell me what happened and why u won't respond?
scribble (4 months ago) @xiloveanime721x can you please respond? this is getting irritating now. just tell me what i did. i was sleeping. i wasn't sleepwalking.
scribble (4 months ago) @xiloveanime721x can we please voice chat? I don't know what i did but i know you're not in the mood??
ILA721 (4 months ago) goodnight. haha. and i want to do voice chat as well. din't worry. i'll look it up whe i wake up. goodnight. see you tommorow
scribble (4 months ago) @xiloveanime721x it's alright, no problem. just text. and are you going to sleep? if so, gn and we'll text in the morning or something....ok?
scribble (4 months ago) @xiloveanime721x don't sweat it. no worries, you don't have to mic if you don't want to. texting i think is better in my opinion.
ILA721 (4 months ago) built in mic... i think my mom used to talk when she does some things. i'm still an amuetuer so i need to learn it. i'm good at computers but not that good at at the same time D:
scribble (4 months ago) @xiloveanime721x any tablet has a mic. i don't understand though. does your 'laptop' have a built-in mic that you can use for discord?
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