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Why I'm on VidLii
This is why I'm VidLii and what I think about VidLii, Vlare, and BitView altogether. I asked a question for the VidLii community about Vlare on here a...
termer I'm going to be allocating a bit of time on a few unfinished videos so I can release them. I'll be ramping up the quality, and cutting out the shitposts. (2 months ago)
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No Cussing Club (2007?)
official music video for the NCC, a world renowned organisation for the betterment of the youth through polite diction and morally sound vocabulary.
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Alexiel (Progressive Psytrance)
Originally uploaded on in Jul 26, 2016. Progressive Psytrance at 140 BPM. Made with Presonus Studio One with Synth1. However, this still isn't ...
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Modding Items in Paper Mario with S...
WATCH THE FIRST ONE: In this video, I take some of those helpful items you've used on your adventure...and...
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JustJay (5 days ago) ur gae
termer (2 months ago) @0x0CrT Sup
0x0CrT (2 months ago) hello
TheVideoGamer64 (4 months ago) That's good. I'm doing okay, just trying to get over being sick.
termer (4 months ago) @TheVideoGamer64 Not bad. And you?
TheVideoGamer64 (4 months ago) Hey how are you?
pie1994 (5 months ago) perfect
termer (5 months ago) @pie1994
pie1994 (5 months ago) as a professional russian where the hell did you get those sick 3d glasses
termer (5 months ago) @bumbleby Fricking, huh?
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