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Age: 18
Hello! I am just a regular old dude checking out this site! Last time I was here sign up's were locked and you couldn't do much anyway, but I figure I'd take a look again and maybe post some videos. If I do post, you'll see family friendly content on computers and games. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @yellowwinner1 if you'd like :9
Occupation: Cashier and at-home programmer. Intrested in starting a video career but I don't like to post bad crap.
Interests: Gaming, Computers, Programming, Operating Systems.
Movies: Spaceballs, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Airplane, Courpse Bride, Really whatever I'm feeling. :9
Music: Primarily Rock (Including Classic, Alternative and Indie) but really whatever's on the radio.
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Love (Minecraft Feb 23rd Indev) From: yellowwinner
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Love (Minecraft Feb 23rd Indev)
Love (Minecraft Feb 23rd Indev) 10 months ago
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