cUt mUh ristzz n blck mai eyezz (z4rg0n)
z4g0ndotexe Joined: Jul 10, 2020 Last Sign In: 5 days ago Subscribers: 0 Video Views: 3 Channel Views: 6
Age: 13
$c3m0 ch1ld.....pr3pz n p0z3rz dni........1m 12 s0 dnt b r00d...........
Occupation: Artist
Schools: Squidward Community College
Interests: Sonic, Nintendo (gaming), internet, homestuck, eddsworld, miku, music, bein emo, skating (or scooting since i have a scooter)
Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Into The Spiderverse, Sonic The Movie
Music: MCR, MSI, Simple Plan, Green Day, Evanescence, TOP, Vocaloid, sex-bob-omb, etc
Books: Scott Pilgrim, TTLOTFK, HP, PJ
cOnt4ct M3zzzzz!!!
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thiz iz so kool!!!! leik....itz s0000000 kreativ lulzzz...........
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