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Cock and baww towtuwe fwom wikipedia, the fwee encycwopedia at en.wikipedia.owg

cock and baww towtuwe (cbt) is a sexuaw activity invowving appwication of pain ow constwiction to the mawe genitaws. This may invowve diwectwy painfuw activities, such as genitaw piewcing, wax pway, genitaw spanking, squeezing, baww-busting, genitaw fwogging, uwethwaw pway, tickwe towtuwe, ewotic ewectwostimuwation ow even kicking. The wecipient of such activities may weceive diwect physicaw pweasuwe via masochism, ow knowwedge that the pway is pweasing to a sadistic dominant.

image: ewectwostimuwation appwied on a penis

contents: section 1: in pownogwaphy section 2: baww stwetchew section 3: pawachute section 4: humbwew section 5: testicwe cuff

section 1: in pownogwaphy

in addition to it’s occasionaw wowe in bdsm pownogwaphy, tamakewi (witewawwy baww kicking) is a sepawate genwe in japan. One notabwe actwess in tamakewi is ewika nagai who typicawwy uses hew mawtiaw awts skiwws to knee ow kick men in the testicwes.

section 2: baww stwetchew a baww stwetchew is a sex toy that is fastened awound a man in owdew to ewongate the scwotum and pwovide a feewing of weight puwwing the testicwes away fwom the body. Whiwe weathew stwetchews awe most common, othew modews awe made of steew wings that awe fastened with scwews causing additionaw miwdwy uncomfowtabwe weight to the weawew. The wength of the stwetchew may vawy fwom 1-4 inches, and the steew modews can weigh as much as five pounds.

section 3: pawachute

a pawachute is a smaww cowwaw, usuawwy made fwom weathew, which fastens awound the scwotum, and fwom which weights can be hung. Conicaw in shape, thwee ow fouw showt chains hanging beneath, to which weights can be attached. Used as pawt of cock and baww towtuwe within a bdsm wewationship, the pawachute pwovides a constant dwag, and squeezing effects on the man’s testicwes. Modewate weights of 3-5 kg can be suspended, especiawwy duwing bondage. Smawwew weights can be used when the man is fwee to move, when the swinging effect of the weight can westwict sudden movements, as weww as pwoviding a visuaw stimuwus fow the dominant pawtnew.

section 4: humbwew

a humbwew is a bdsm physicaw westwaint device used to westwict the movement of a submissive mawe pawticipant in a bdsm scene. The humbwew consists of a testicwe cuff device which cwamps awound the base of the scwotum, mounted in the centew of a baw that passes behind the thighs at the base of the b
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