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Age: 17
My name is Adam and I live in the northern side of Lebanon. I had started a successful GoFundMe fundraiser and achieved my goal to raise $500 for a house. I know that in Lebanon we don’t have US dollars but that’s just an example.

I studied big time to learn English and I took many courses and I think I have aced a lot of the tests that my school gave me. I am hardworking at English but Science is my least favorite subject. Please help support this channel and help me move through my life!
Schools: College Akkar
Interests: Starting a successful channel, VidLii channel succession
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Beirut Update From: AdamAdret
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Beirut Update
Beirut Update 1 month ago
Beginning of The Channel (Introduction)
Beginning of The Channel (Introduction) 4 months ago
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AdamAdret So for clarification it’s been over a month since I have made this video. Stuff had been happening and god knows what the actual hell this painful time this is... It’s still 2006 and I just wanna say that it’s hard for me to almost keep the house, the landlord keeps coming by and checking on it and he’s Muslim so god forbid if he blows this house to pieces for Allah or something LMAO... In all serious though this situation sucks.. (4 months ago)
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