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Spider-Man Ultimate Avenger:

A fun new game from Big Trash Games.

Join Spider-Man on his quest to become a real Avenger.

Sling webs
Defeat villains
Collect power-ups
Overthrow small-time governments

Donald and Xi at the 2021 Olympics:

The 2020 Olympics have been canceled! But fear not, the 2021 Olympics will take its place.

Play as your favorite celebrities and politicians!
Run, dance, and jump your way to victory!
Features high tech face capture technology!

Seinfeld The Telltale Series:

Play as Jerry in this new exciting adventure game. This game features stunning 3D type graphics that will blow your mind away. Make your way though a complex dialogue tree with TWO different endings (take that Bandersnatch!). Remember, your choices have consequences!

Better Call Saul Kart:

Join Saul Goodman and his friends in this high speed wacky kart racing game. Big Trash Games promises that this is indeed a video game that can be played by humans.
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BigTrashGames is beautiful!
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This is cool
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Fan of Nintendo References.
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hi want to be friends
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I only publish video games with references of Nintendo.
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