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"DMT Infinity" is more than a YouTube channel. DMT Infinity is a statement, it's a Philosophy, and it's a lifestyle. And more personally, it's an outlet for my soul. I want to bring DMT Infinity to new heights that have never been seen before. DMT Infinity isn't just about Psychedelics and Trip Reports. I'm an artist and entertainer of all genres. I make Trip Reports, Short Films, Music, Poetry, Let's Plays, Vlogs, Reviews, Analysis Videos, Top 10s, Livestreams, Q&As, Comedy Skits, Miscellaneous videos, how tos, lectures, philosophical videos, I'm writing 4 books, documentaries, videos about Anime, reaction videos, Podcasts, Unboxing videos, and that's only about half of what I do on a weekly basis..!

Because just like pure concentrated N, N-Dimethyltryptamine... DMT Infinity is everything..! 👽✌

(DMT Infinity Does Not Condone The Use Of ANY Mind Altering Substance Be It Legal Or Illegal)
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