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What Happened Today?
@KnockOffYouTube Flash is still a very popular animating tool whether it's dying or not, so it is very possible that he used flash.
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new intro
sabastian got beat up by chainchomp the rapper's gang of tts users and died in the process. R.I.P
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My youtube channel got fucked
They kept using the excuse of youtube updating their guidelines to justify ur channel termination. Yet u didn't break a single guideline. How retarded...
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Garfield (1 week ago)
wHaT tHe FuCk..?
edray1416 (4 years ago)
I'm leaving on the 31st. I'm moving on to better things.
DatabaseProductions (4 years ago)
wHaT tHe FuCk..?
DeadMemeFrog (4 years ago)
wHaT tHe FuCk..?
girdedloins (4 years ago)
what the FUCK..?
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