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FifteenLetterrs Holy frickity frackity, 32 subs. (3 days ago)
FifteenLetterrs Woo partner (6 days ago)
FifteenLetterrs I may have lost all my videos, but at least I'm unbanned? (2 weeks ago)
FifteenLetterrs late 25 but yay (2 months ago)
FifteenLetterrs oooooo, 20 subs (2 months ago)
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FifteenLetterrs (5 days ago) Hello stranger.
MovieCollector64 (5 days ago) Hey what's up?
ShadowLeggy (6 days ago) No prob!
ShadowLeggy (1 week ago) It depends I guess, the series has kinda split off into 3 styles of genre so there might be something in there you'd like.

Basically the classic games are challenging, with a lot of ammo conservation and puzzles, and a good horror atmosphere. RE4 + RE5 + RE6 and some in-betweeners are action shooters with little to no puzzles. The newest one, RE7 is an FPS with a few puzzles and tries to go for over-the-top horror.
FifteenLetterrs (1 week ago) Thank you.
MadPikachuPlays64 (1 week ago) Welcome Back To VL
FifteenLetterrs (2 months ago) Doing the luigi instead.
NintendoDS (2 months ago) DO THE MARIO
FifteenLetterrs (3 months ago) I didn't even yell at you.
Vadi2007 (3 months ago) ThePhantom I apologise for upload the stupid video. Also I deleted that video I uploaded today. I am not the bad user. so , please dont yell at me, okay?
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