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About Dillymackey

Name: Dylan McConnaughey

Occupation: Neckbeard Boy/Mememaker

Pronouns: He/him, they/them, any/all

Hobbies: Dank memes, nostalgia, etc.

Movies: Spaceballs, Sonic the Hedgehog, Cat in The Hat, etc.

Music: Twenty One Pilots, BTS, Tyler The Creator, Kid Cudi, Tomorrow X Together, Day6, etc.

Books: Naruto, Harry Potter, NFL's Big And Small, etc.

Description: To give you information on why I make videos on this website, here's an excerpt for my Dinguspedia* page.

"Born in the borough of Clearfield, PA, Dilly Mackey (real name: Dylan McConnaughey) discovered YouTube through his dad's account when he was four-and-a-half years old. A few years later, he decided to make some videos but he doesn't know how, so he had no choice but to steal some videos without permission; some of those videos have a Creative Commons license. Then, he tried some methods like starting a Patreon and getting more subscribers through SubMeNow but those things didn't work out. Unable to find other options, he decided to finally do workout on his creative muscle through a YouTube clone called VidLii and an editing software called Vegas Pro."

I'm agnostic.

I still really really REALLY like communities of color including African-Americans, Asians, the Arab people, the Muslims, the Middle Eastern people, the Eskimos and the Jewish people because they're always very good people.
Seriously. I mean it. I'm not joking. I'm dead serious! SERIOUSLY!!!

Black, Asian, Jewish and Middle Eastern lives REALLY matter. Seriously! I mean it.

I like hip-hop and K-pop and I'm still smart and intelligent and I still have a BIG BRAIN. Seriously!

New videos if I feel like it. Please don't unsubscribe. My screen-name on AIM is GoombaGuy, by the way.

Much of the jokes in the Michael Rosen VLPs I make were taken from ChickenPika's Facebook page.

Goal: 100 frickin' subscribers.

*Dinguspedia is a website I just made up on the spot.

The Nazis are evil and racist. Moonman still sucks. Seriously! I mean it. #FuckNazis #FuckHitler #FuckTheAltRight #FuckMoonman #FuckTheKKK #FuckRacism
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