Jack Torrance
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These are movies that we found in 10 rather large boxes at an estate sale for 5 bucks a box. It was being held in a barn about 15 miles west of Austin TX. There were some old records (which we also bought) some rusted tools, tons of paint cans, various other bits of old useless junk, and these boxes. The people running the estate sale didn't seem to know that they were there and priced them for us on the spot. The films vary in formats ranging from old 35mm stock reels to betamax. Many of the films are damaged beyond repair but we are trying our best to repair and clean them up. As we dig through the boxes, catalog, and digitize more videos and audio we will post more.
Country: United States
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Layne1Krusz2 (2 years ago)
This is just reuploads of the catalog of videos by one Youtube account named Jack Torrence. This isn't a bad thing for you to do. This is useful incase one of their videos gets taken down for whatever reason.
enterwebs (3 years ago)
This is cool. Also I like your profile pic.
Foundmedia23 (6 years ago)
Hello! Obviously I'm not the original owner of the FoundMedia23 channel, I'm just someone who resubmit the videos to this platform.
KnotSnappy (6 years ago)
is this the real Foundmedia23? I'd assume not because you're subscribed to Dross, but idk
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