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** Dec 23 2009- New Promo Pic Released as the new background.

DECEMBER 2009: Production begins on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to be released in 2010

Teaser Trailer Released today 06/12/09

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News on voice auditions will also be made available soon!
Thanks guys,
Country: United States
Occupation: video director
Schools: class of 2013 high school , College Is a Scam D:
Interests: The Sims 2 Video Games Wrestling Music Watching Videos
Movies: Harry Potter My Friend Dahmer The Hangover Home Alone The Room Paper Towns Fault in our stars The Disaster Artist Click
Music: Fall Out Boy Harry Potter Soundtrack Panic! At The Disco Cobra Starship Nat & Alex Wolff Run The Jewels Green Day The Beatles
Books: Harry Potter Catcher in The Rye
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sorting hat had to re edit some parts
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