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Feb 20, 2019
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1 month ago
i'm actually a youtuber, but i got a strike so i immagrate to here ( )

also here is another account
United States
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[SSBM] "F*ck the IRS" - Yoshi Tech ...
Just me having some fun with Yoshi, not meant to be a serious tech skill video #PSP. Had to reupload since the last one was kinda borked. Song: M...
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Welcome To Windows 98 Startup Tune ...
Welcome to Windows 98. Do you feel nostalgic yet? :P Welcome To Windows 98 Startup Tune Music
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SpongeBob Edited - The Bully (REUPL...
And now, we come to the last edit released under the EditsForWinners name, "The Bully". Originally written in 2015 and then revised shortly after "Fir...
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Username 666 on VidLii [HD]
This is my attempt at a Username 666 video. Video sources: Background is from ...
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