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PMG is a super secretive group of high-iq creatives. If you're in PMG, it's because you're just better than everyone else. Legend has it that the origin of PMG can be traced back all the way to prehistoric times, when aliens first used gene manipulation to give humanity it's unique intelligence. PMG makes the freemasons their bitch and the illuminati look like "secret" frat house owned by bored college students. PMG has a backdoor into your Super Nintendo. Not just your computer. Not just your toaster. Your SUPER fucking NINTENDO. Basically, if you fuck with PMG, you can expect a big brain prank coming your way, kiddo. PMG has been known to be philanthropic, however, by running behind the scenes, in the seamy underground of the world, making big things like "Vanillo" way memier. Hell, if it weren't for PMG, Mom (God Damn it) would have never released. Don't even get me started on Kokujin.
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