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SpoonyBard Joined: May 13, 2018 Last Sign In: 1 year ago Subscribers: 2 Video Views: 92 Channel Views: 68
Age: 21
I am a gamer/artist/musician, testing the waters of VidLii for a potential new audience. I seek to entertain with my artistry, and if I fail, then I guess I'll just go somewhere else?
I know I'm listed as a musician, but you may find other stuff you're interested in here as well!
Schools: Edmonds Community College
Interests: Music, video games, art, animation
Movies: Grave of the Fireflies, the Iron Giant
Music: The Beatles, Falcom Sound Team, Pink Floyd
Books: The Dreamwalker's Child, Diary of a Wimpy Kid
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Spoony bard plays the spoons, spoon spoony bard
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