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Aug 05, 2019
I only sub to "wasted username" channels from absent VidLii users that haven't signed in for 1 to 4 years. _

Exceptions: I will sub a channel that has a couple of days, weeks or months since their last sign in, if the channel is bare, no color but gray, no icon image, no uploads, no favorites, and have a great username.
A "limboslacker" is what I call those channels that are still in use but are kept gray as if the account was just created yesterday, but Joined in 2005-06. _

I will sub "wasted username" channels that have uploaded a video, display a favorite video, if they have 1 or 2 friends or if their channel has color, and looks incomplete, but must not have a personal icon image, just the gray default figure image. And over 1 year since last sign in.
Channel in that state, I call a "zombiewreck" _

"EpicWaste", is a channel with a great username that has been abandoned since the day it was created (4 years ago or more) _

If you have a complete active channel, don't worry I won't sub you. LOL _

Thanks for those who sub or friend this channel. _

Youtube only gives us a limit of 27 pages of channels we subbed,
40 channels per page x 27 = 1080 channels is all that can be seen. _

Unfortunately there's a lot of great usernames that can't be seen that should follow page 27 when you go through my Subscriptions section. _

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