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Age: 15
hey im badmotherforker this is my channel i like games my favorite games are call of duty 4 on ps3 and metal gear solid portable ops if you play those please contact me in msn messenger [email protected] bye
Interests: games
Movies: matrix
Music: MF DOOM
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badmotherforker commented on a video (2 years ago)
my lets play of counter-strike cond...
hi i think this video is cool wanna play duel cscz and film video
badmotherforker commented on a video (2 years ago)
Does Vidlii Work On A PS3?
thank for this video meas a friqeunt ps3 user asked this question to myself an now i know answer 1!!!
badmotherforker commented on a video (2 years ago)
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badmotherforker (1 year ago)
holy damb it has been 6 months oh god i have ben schooling but now ill come back to gaming stuff yay hooray
badmotherforker (2 years ago)
maybe ill also countinue playing cscz just sayin lol
badmotherforker (2 years ago)
hi there this is my weekly channel update so im kinda planning things before they should be planned lol so uhh heres the plan for my upcoming videos
1. secret game unboxing !!!
2. lmao epic fail ps3 cant play lmao (secret game unboxing 2)
3. some mpo gameplay videos im good at mpo lol
4. ps3 game play video game of your likings (motorstorm, skate 2/3, call of duty game)
so heres that lol seeya in msn messenger or this
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