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iloveanime721 commented on a video (4 days ago)
BitView is getting worse a shithole...
@lolwho hmmm 13 since a few 18 act like adults :( I act the same. I can't stand people judge and say "act normal"
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Iloveyouallblessingx (6 days ago)
there a reason why i quit in june 12 of 2019
came back on 10 14 203.. 4 years later and 4 month..
lalinsky was fake friend i ask why dont you talk to me he say" i only care about my channel"
this piss me off a lot. that i could careless since.
Iloveyouallblessingx (1 week ago)
You finally figure out how to enable invite.. Hope you are happy now lol
window (1 week ago)
@altrightgaming is bad, i saw him wishing death on a video today.
he can block some of my page but not all a trigger happy person.
Iloveyouallblessingx (1 week ago)
i see you are busy having a good time with a buddy at metajolt
you are rarely here anymore lol
wonderful (1 week ago)
learn to tag bro
@lalinsky lol
wonderful (1 week ago)
jesuschrist0 (1 week ago)
@cliffford who are you. a hater a troll..
jesuschrist0 (1 week ago)
this user artemis is lucky that i care about hater
these generation are fucktard friend.
they dont know how to be nice treat me like crap..
i dont even know this piece of trash..
until the insult and get personal on my main page
jesuschrist0 (1 week ago)
typo @artemis
sticky keyboard used laptop dusty.
try again
jesuschrist0 (1 week ago)
i understand if it a joke but someone who look down and act superior is gonna piss me off.
this page @artmis is crap. i should laugh at this craphole lol
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