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Channel Comments (73)
Martinike (2 weeks ago) Loving the simplicity of the channel! :)
SorteKat (3 weeks ago) It's nice to see you. Wow, it has been awhile. Hope you have a great afternoon.
FamicomGuy49 (3 weeks ago) Thanks :)
jawed (3 weeks ago) you're welcome :)
Cazzy (3 weeks ago) Yes, "let's sing a happy song a little fucking louder". xD Haha. xD
Cazzy (3 weeks ago) Slag*
Cazzy (3 weeks ago) It is, it's a shame really. It's full of trolls. Same, I hope it changes. I'm done with letting people get to me on these types of websites like I used in the past as I felt hated, but now fuck it. People hate me here (I don't know if they still do, if so it's their problem not mine) and I will use this website and not give a fuck about them if they comment hate on my channel, videos or slang me off in the VidLii server. xD
Cazzy (3 weeks ago) Same, I'm glad you're back to. It's a shame this website is full of shitty meme videos and shit posts, it's hard to find decent creators on here. Some of the best ones left which was a shame. There is still some decent ones still around, but they're definitely hard to find.
Cazzy (3 weeks ago) No problem and haha. xDD

YAY, me too. I've took that many breaks off here. Fuck it, I'm coming back and uploading my newer content on this channel despite what the toxic people think. I know many people don't like me on here, but do I care? NOPE!xD If I wanna use this website and upload, I fucking will. ^~^
Cazzy (3 weeks ago) Awesome new channel layout and congrats on 100 subscribers here! :D
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