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Welcome to the official satinsguard VidLii channel! This channel will serve as an archive of not only our past videos but future videos too. Be sure to subscribe! :D



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@SavageBarney69 This video's from like 2011. I don't use Dailymotion anymore. Still working on getting all the Yowtub vids here. I'll still be postin...
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GamingRevolution (1 month ago)
Hey man I've been watching your creepypasta videos since 2012 and honestly you are one of my big inspirations to do my narration series :)
SavageBarney69 (2 months ago)
A third server entitled DREWGROUNDS was then created, but you'd be forgiven for thinking that it has nothing to do with the Barney Bunch in anyway shape or form other than the name.

I've been getting back to making videos for the past month on YouTube after being inspired by watching Blood's Wiggles videos. VidLii is a golden fucking opportunity for the Speakonia Community, honestly. I think Barney Bunch business should have a true second home here. 3/3
SavageBarney69 (2 months ago)
To this day I don't think any of us can comprehend what was accomplished with that. Anyways, that drama died down and a discord server was made of NewSchoolSwellness. Unfortunately, it lost any Barney Bunch thing about it and it only had a few of the members that were on the Google+ page (who really didn't post on the Discord all that much), and as of late the server is completely fucking dead. A 'reboot' server was made, but that's fucking dead too. 2/3
SavageBarney69 (2 months ago)
I used to be part of the Speakonia Community around 2016 until it dropped off and I stopped in 2018 but I've recently been going back into doing them on YouTube. It's a shame that the SC has died down, I reckon 2016 was the last golden age.

Around 2017 a bunch of other Barney Bunch users I'd befriended started a community called NewSchoolSwellness on Google+ and it kinda rejuvenated the BB a little bit, but one of the users tricked us into trolling M-San (if you know about him). 1/2
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