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Age: 27
No Remorse...

If you wanna talk, come talk to me on Discord:
Country: Philippines
Occupation: Survivor
Interests: Video Games
Movies: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Music: Rock
Books: I don't read books
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AlesterNoLastNames (12 months ago)
@jann come talk to me. we can be friends.
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AlesterNoLastNames I have buried this for years, now I have dig it up and make amends. let's just say we'll bury the hatchet someday. (1 year ago)
AlesterNoLastNames commented on a video (5 years ago)
fuck you
well fuck you too, Mr. Gimp!
AlesterNoLastNames commented on a video (5 years ago)
Jesus Christ, VidLii Community...
everyone's leaving or banning because of me?
AlesterNoLastNames commented on a video (5 years ago)
Here's a commentary: Mr. AT leaves ...
what a dick! he pulled out the gun and shoot me due to my return.
AlesterNoLastNames commented on a video (5 years ago)
Speedpaint 5: My Smug Reaction
glad you react to my traumatic situation.