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Kazemaru (2 months ago)
Ya voted for Biden.
Jubei (2 months ago)
Dumb Karen.
Kibano (2 months ago)
SHIELDGhost (3 months ago)
Oh wow that is very racist. You are the reason why me, Nick AdamsAlt and The Lincoln Project are voting for Democrats. BECAUSE THEY AREN'T MAGA EXTREMIST FRUITLOOPS LIKE YOU ASSHOLE CRAPITALISTS!!!
ANTIFASlayer (3 months ago)
Krispy Kreme probably knew about Epstein too!
14AR15sRule88 (3 months ago)
When you go to fuckin' jail, for harassing people, you're not gonna get any fuckin' Marlboros or any fuckin' beer. Do you got that, you stupid son of a bitch?!
ANTIFASlayer (3 months ago)
You know that's the best part about the internet, you can be anything you want. Did you know I'm a wealthy Hollywood producer that partied with Spielberg and George Lucas?
SHIELDGhost (3 months ago)
Listen here you dumb broad, HE IS NOT MENTALLY ILL!!! HE IS A VICTIM OF THE RACIST CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM!!! THE SYSTEM IS VERY RACIST WE NEED TO DESTROY IT! And John Fetterman is a lot more conservative than Chris Christie because you know why? He freed a lot of blacks from prison. We need to free more minorities from prison to defeat white supremacy.
ANTIFASlayer (3 months ago)
Yeah, you're about as attractive as Amy Schumer, feel bad forever has to wake up to that face every morning. 😋
ANTIFASlayer (3 months ago)
Watch the Snyder cut, for it will change your life.
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