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Age: 59
Greetings! I am SHIELDGhost's pet weasel. Unlike my master I'm from the DC universe. I hail from Earth 93. Sadly my earth turned into a dystopia due to a nuclear war. But luckily Ghost was doing some dimension traveling and he adopted me.

I am a proud F.A.G. member just like my master SHIELDGhost, NickAdamsAlt and TheDisneyNinja. Together we will save our democracy from Donald Trump. We won't turn America into another Earth 93.

Oh and my presidential preference for the 24 election is Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the movie Kindergarten Cop he had a pet Weasel. I know with all my heart he'll defeat that orange fascist.
Country: Cuba
Occupation: F.A.G. member
Schools: Fuck schools. SHIELDGhost taught me everything
Movies: I like masturbating to porn and Taylor Swift
Music: Taylor Swift
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150Stevens awful birthday present
Don't you dare make a video on me or I'll tell Taylor Swift!
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CowboyCapitalist (5 days ago)
I FUCKING HATE PUTIN, BOI! Schwarzenegger can't run, and Taylor Swift is a stupid dumb bitch! CRAPITALIST?! You take that back you socialist piece of crap! And I'd the ever loving crap out of nickadamsalt if I saw him! Fuck watching movies, I'd rather read a book than watch stupid junk food for the brain movies! Thanos isn't real, and Osama is dead you fucking tard! AND SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT THIS STUPID "OH, EARTH THIS, EARTH THAT" CRAP! I'M SICK OF IDIOTS NOT BEING IN REALITY! GROW THE FUCK UP
HipHopCapitalist (5 days ago)
Nigga, who the fuck said I saw a rapper, stupid dumbazz? I'm an electrician! And nigga, I fuckin hate Putin! Ghost neva did dat shit and I doubt even Trump did dat stupid shit yo stupid azz said! I don't even keep track of dat shit, but I know dat didn't happen! Are you smokin crack or somethin, stupid azz nigga?
Gosamaru (5 days ago)
He ain't my leader.
Chiyo (5 days ago)
Taylor Swift sucks.

Motley Crue>>>>>Taylor Swift
ReverendCapitalist (1 week ago)
He's not putting me in, he can't even run! Taylor Swift is a harlot, and you better stop this pedophile defamation you're spreading before I GET PUNITIVE DAMAGES OUTTA YOUR REAR END! And I am NOT a Catholic if that's what you're thinking you furry! REPENT TO GOD!
Iloveyouallblessingx (1 week ago)
Aimi (2 weeks ago)
You sound like a faggot.
AkiraSan (2 weeks ago)
HipHopCapitalist (2 weeks ago)
Nigga, if you eva listen to Ghost, you would know dat Ghost hates Russia! Fuck CNN and fuck da Lincoln Project too ya democrat bitch azz nigga!
GunRangeCapitalist (2 weeks ago)
Who the fuck cares what she'd do?! And don't you think Israel set themselves up to be attacked? Why not listen to Ghost sometime? I doubt that bimbo could make them live in peace! Fuck Liz Cheney, and who the fucking hell is Diana Prince?
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