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GamblingCapitalist (1 day ago)
War would for sure toughen up this stupid dumbass tard below me for sure! He'd stop living in fucking make believe if that were the case! It's sad there's fucks that like anime and call themselves vets! IT PISSES ME OFF! Ghost has more patriotism than all those anime tards combined! Draft dodgers should go to fucking North Korea, China, or Venezuela! Hippy fucks need to get a Marine style haircut, and I hope they get inoperable tumors on their fucking spines! I HATE THOSE FUCKERS!
MaskedPonyALT (2 days ago)
Ooooohhh!!! You're trouble now Mr.ILikeMasturbatingtoPolarBearsDying Capitalist. Nick AdamsAlt is running for President and he's gonna use his Presidential Imunity to shut down your mechanic shop. Oh and Weasel is gonna run DHS! So get ready, we're sending you and Gunrange Crapitalist to Gaza. I think HAMAS will love their new toys! Muwahahahahahahahaha. And ReverendCapitalist has a mangina, I came out of it.
PlumbingCapitalist (2 weeks ago)
We are patriots, not pro Russia MAGA tards! I agree, MAGA is full of Qanon tard autists! They do have degenerates and MAGA has no problem with them! IT'S SICK! We all know Trump dodged the draft because of that bone spurs excuse! Fuck anyone who wants to dodge the draft! Ghost is a patriot, no doubt! He doesn't want a President that'll bow down to dictators! Those anime watching tards would rather fight for Russia than America! IT MAKES ME SICK!
GamblingCapitalist (3 weeks ago)
Russians are mouth breathing pieces of shit! I bet war would toughen those tards up! I dunno if they'd stop watching anime, but I'm hoping most would! I know Ghost is a patriot! People who dodge the draft are little pieces of shit! And they do need to get outta the country! I HATE HIPPY FUCKS! They are fucking weak! I hope those fuckers get cancer of the cock!
MaskedPonyALT (3 weeks ago)
We can do this the hard way or the easy way or the gay way since its Pride Month. The hard way, if you don't shut down your body shop, we send you to HAMAS. The easy way, shut down your Mechanic shop and let the Weasel turn it into a buffet to eat aborted baby fetuses, nothing bad will happen to you and we'll let you have a threesome with George Clooney and my father Barack Obama. Do we have a deal, bud. If not DHS will pick you up in 5 minutes.
GamblingCapitalist (4 weeks ago)
Just the name catturd is stupid! Tucker is a pro Russia piece of crap! If we have a world war, I hope those tards do toughen up! You know the military would toughen them up! I'm betting they would stop watching anime if that were the case! I am a patriot, and those tards saying dodge the draft are super stupid and hippy pieces of crap! Anime watchers make me sick too! I HATE THOSE PIECES OF CRAP!
MaskedPonyALT (1 month ago)
Get ready fascist. You're done killing Polar Bears. In Peacemaker S2 we trade you and Gunrange Capitalist to HAMAS!!! It was James Gunn's idea. I hope you like it.
PlumbingCapitalist (3 months ago)
I'd sign up willingly because I love this country, unlike these assholes! I'm a patriot too, unlike those assholes! MAGA is a leftist movement, it's no fucking wonder they allow all these fucking pieces of shit in their movement! Trump is a draft dodger POS, I HATE HIM! Anyone that retweeted Ghost's tweet thinking he was a neocon are fucking tards, Ghost is a patriot that loves his country, I know MAGA doesn't!
GamblingCapitalist (4 months ago)
I don't know why either! Oh, you know catturd is pro Russia! Of course, Tucker is a Russian traitor! We need a world war for fuck sake, and those tards are going to fight it! They do need to toughen up and the military will make men out of them! You damn right those anime fuckers will fight for their country! I'd fight for my country too and you're right, death to those anti American scum! They are manchildren, they'd rather watch anime than fight for America!
SHIELDGhost (4 months ago)
There is nothing wrong with taking the bus, boi! TheDisneyNinja always takes the bus and the best part is they let him poop on the bus and the white bus driver, thats how you fight white supremacy. And fuck Reverand and Gunrange Crapitalist, they fascist pieces of shit that want to take away a womans reproductive rights, I hope the FEDs shut the Gunrange down. Gunrange Crapitalist can be known as DragShowCrapitalist!!! Ha ha ha ha! And fuck the Cowboys, we F.A.G.s support the LA Chargers.
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