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Age: 27
Country: Cocos Islands
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BikerCapitalist (3 days ago)
He's not your dad, and leave him and GunrangeCapitalist alone you obessive autist tard! I don't even know wtf that shit is, and too bad for you none of us would do a gay sex scene! I don't watch that manchild shit, boi! I don't care what your tard fantasies make you believe, but leave MechanicCapitalist and GunrangeCapitalist the fuck alone, boi! They don't kill polar bears and kids, asshole! And I don't care what James Gunn does, fuck him up the ass with no vaseline and fuck you too!
ReverendCapitalist (5 days ago)
I don't know what that is and I'm not your father! I do not have a husband and I would never associate with that furry! I won't love it, I am not interested in that debauchery! Leave GunrangeCapitalist and MechanicCapitalist alone! They didn't do anything you obsessive autist! I would never be interested in your degenerate thoughts, you disgusting sodomite! They never killed kids or polar bears, so shut up you degenerate liberal soy boy!
chillspot1dotcom (1 week ago)
Ruka (1 week ago)
You're a fuckin faggot
NickAdamsAlt (4 weeks ago)
Welcome to the club, MaskedPony. You are a true Alphamale like our heroes Joe Biden and John Kasich.
nazis (1 month ago)
Duke (1 month ago)
You're the inspiration for birth control!
ReverendCapitalist (1 month ago)
Stop calling me your dad! I am 36 and you're 27! And you are a disgusting sodomite for wearing a tutu, you sickening sinner! It is not alright for a guy to wear a dress, and I do not watch manchild abomination movies! I do not drink Bud Light, that is tranny nectar, you sickening homosexual! REPENT TO GOD AND STOP YOUR DEBAUCHERY!
GhostsPetWeasel (1 month ago)
You know I did! She refused to date me because she said I'm ugly. Well fuck her. I'm adorable. All the kids want to play with me.
GunRangeCapitalist (1 month ago)
I'm getting tired of you tards telling me "Oh, you need to leave the gun range, stop going to the gun range" WHEN I WORK AT A GUN RANGE YOU STUPID TARD AUTIST PIECE OF SHIT! I am never wearing a dress either, because I'm not some sissy baguette anime watching obsessed with fiction tard such as yourself! I don't go to fruity Planet Fitness either, boi! And I ain't responsible for any mass shootings! In fact, our gun range doesn't allow people that wear anime merch to go shooting or rent a gun!
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