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Aug 29, 2017
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2 years ago
I'm a filthy casual gamer that has lots of ideas but no video editing software. :P

Top 12 Favorite games:
12. Metroid Prime
11. Pokémon Gold / Silver / Crystal
10. Donkey Kong Country
9. Yoshi's Island
8. Mr. Gimmick
7. Sonic R
6. Legend of Mana
5. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
4. Battlezone
3. Fable 2
2. Rayman Revolution
1. Seiken Densetsu / Mystic Quest / Final Fantasy Adventure
Video Games & Cartoons
Disney before they went 3D
Country, Rock, Jazz
Sexy beasts
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Hotel Mario - Intro
Bowser: (laughs) Mario: Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, eh, Luigi? Luigi: I hope she made lots of spaghetti! M: Luigi, look! I...
Channel Comments (16)
SuicidalMario667 (2 years ago) sonic is probably the most rare pokemon.
4dojo (2 years ago) You like a lot of really good games. Do you have a switch?
Chronoarcaile2018 (2 years ago) hope you Enjoy my videos on here:P

my fav Video Game series's are Bomberman,Kirby,Mega Man,Castlevania,Pokemon,Chrono Trigger,Mr Gimmick, The Atelier Series (Atelier Meruru,Atelier Shallie,Atelier Sophie), Alissia Dragoon,Mario,Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Secret of Mana,Sword of Mana, The Valis Series, Donkey Kong Country, Moco Moco Friends, Double Dragon Series, Battletoads, Ar Tonelico 2, The Ratchet and Clank Series,Sonic the Hedgehog,Freedom Planet,ect.
TheVideoGamer64 (2 years ago) Oh that's cool. Thank you for the recommendation. :)
Pachirisi (2 years ago) pachi (can you talk to me like a pokemon, i like that more, how you do that is by putting what one says and then put what you say to me in these things- ( ) )
TheVideoGamer64 (2 years ago) That's awesome is Hyrule Legends any fun?
Chronoarcaile2018 (2 years ago) I'm fine:P JUst playing Kirby Triple Deluxe on my 3DS and uploading Videos on here and my channel.

I Upload Random Gaming Videos,PLaythroughs,Video Game OSTS, 80's and 90's J-pop Songs,Cartoon and Anime clips and older 80's Music in general:P I upload alot of Stuff from Nintendo,Sega,the Turbo Grafx 16,Playstation,Sega Saturn,Super Nintendo,ect:P
TheVideoGamer64 (2 years ago) Well I'm planning on getting quite a few games for it eventually such as Mario Tennis Open, Mario Golf : World Tour, Kirby Planet Robobot, Kirby Triple Deluxe, some of the Pokemon games, and more. How about you?
Pachirisi (2 years ago) pachi (what is that)
Chronoarcaile2018 (2 years ago) cool channel you have here:P How are you?
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