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Dec 24, 2023
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u found me, oh no im found. Im from the PLA 27th group army, only one call then dozens of tanks will come here.

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Isle of Man
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Iloveyouallblessingx doesn't deserv...
For this problem, i gotta call lolwut for help
LanTheTankMan commented on a video (3 weeks ago)
Iloveyouallblessingx doesn't deserv...
@artemis0 its a shame that pol pot didnt kill ur parents
LanTheTankMan commented on a video (1 month ago)
based chinese gov beating fag freehk thugs' arse
LanTheTankMan commented on a video (2 months ago)
@SergeantSpy the Pedophile expose/d...
jesus, what happened the week I left this site, I just took the practice exam
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speedpak (2 weeks ago) humor me
make me laugh
you are sad and depressed.
come on man.
speedpak (2 weeks ago) i only talk to those who like to talk. you just read and ignore..
not everyone is quiet like you. learn to talk okay. are you brain dead.
LanTheTankMan (3 weeks ago) @iloveyouallblessingx send a video of you walking please, without the wheelchair
Iloveyouallblessingx (3 weeks ago) i have other mod that are friend sillylaird is silly and wrong about me.. they will help me later if he mess with me and my account. he need to get a hobby.
stop interfering with me as i have rights to do whatever. i got no porn or animal abuse video. so he has gone too far.
Iloveyouallblessingx (3 weeks ago) sillylaird as a user will be less of an ass like you. no power to abuse others for fun and laugh. it mean. unfair. this mod cant make right from wrong.
Iloveyouallblessingx (3 weeks ago) the user below you are not mine bro stop trolling me. sillylaird will be demoted soon to a user. careful how you and that mod treat me i am special.. god is watching all of you. what i did to you why so upset have you lost your mind.
LanTheTankMan (3 weeks ago) @iloveyouallblassingx
u born in Cambodia, and had car crash in 2011 made u disabled
u only get minimum aid from US government, get up and move urself
samanthakissesu (3 weeks ago) i like to spam page 4 fun and lol..but some user dont care and dont respond they just call me a yapper and pedo and tell me to fuck off lol
and at least i have common sense unlike you do..
0 iq
samanthakissnhugxoxo (3 weeks ago) you cant do fucking shit to me you got my info all wrong anyway
it would be best if i left you alone!
samanthakissnhugxoxo (3 weeks ago) im horny, wanna make out with me? ;)
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