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My opinion about NFKRZ (updated des...
@RoonStation This was 6 months ago, it all already has been solved. I still regret making this video. I still regret saying such things about NFKRZ. A...
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VidLii 2.0 Details
I get that people aren't in the Discord server, and although i'm in there as well, i barely check there. So... Being in the Discord server isn't the m...
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TheVideoGamer64 (1 year ago) Welcome back buddy. How are you?
Cazzy (1 year ago) Hey! How are you? :3 Long time no speak, at least it feels like it. xD
ScarletWavez (1 year ago) Why are you using your old name here?
MusicAndAntiques64 (1 year ago) Hey this is TheVideoGamer64's other channel. What's up?
TheOnlyYayaz (1 year ago) Ey m8!
jjay (1 year ago) Hey!, How's it going
TheVideoGamer64 (1 year ago) Merry Christmas
TheVideoGamer64 (1 year ago) Yep and thanks buddy. I added a video to my VidLii channel for reaching 300 subscribers. :)
Chiruno (2 years ago) lol. not like the community has anything to actually offer over bigger ones. :p
that sucks, though.
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