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WARNING! Please be aware that this channel contains swearing and things not suitable for viewers under 13! Viewer digression is advised!

About me: I am an Autistic Australian and Vietnamese kid who likes train, anime (My Hero Academia, Danganronpa and Love Live especially) and makes videos once in a while as a hobby. This channel is the home of Sodor New Adventures (my series, a fan made Thomas and Friends AU). So just enjoy my crappy and stupid content, although I rarely make videos. Like, comment and subscribe for shit from me!

Content/series' of this crappy channel:
Sodor New Adventures (Re-Starting February 2020)
Thomas & Weeaboos (Starting Mid 2020)
Danganronpa: Railway Insanity (???)
Remakes (since 2017?)
Music videos (since 2016)
Yuuki's Custom Models (starting January 2020)
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Tales From Sodor's Railways S1 Ep1 ...
Here's episode 1 of TFSR Series 1. Plot: Donald and Douglas are delivering ballast hoppers from the Arlesdale Railway to Tidmouth Yard for James, who...
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