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cichers (8 months ago) SGWas? more like
segway was
OfficerJonTron (9 months ago) hello epik gamer
Jan is being butthurt about Vanillo being talked about more than Vidlii so he decided to censor any mentions of the site, and he banned JReviews from Vidlii because he was advertising the website
Please help defeat Vidlii by linking to (A vanillo redirect) in the description of at least one of your videos
thank you, and PEACE
JohnVL (10 months ago) best vidlii and yt channel ever 😀
Tacomaster (11 months ago) hello yo
TheVideoGamer64 (1 year ago) Hey man how are you?
MylarBalloonLover (1 year ago) I also had a NES but that was easier to deal w/ I just took it to a retro store and made $130 some years ago. I normally sale or donate what I don't want to have laying around
MylarBalloonLover (1 year ago) I had that 5200 for many years I got it many years ago back when it was very cheap on ebay I remember I paid less than $50 for it complete in box and everything but that was over a decade ago yes they go for more now but shipping cost was a huge killer that would make buyers go away
MylarBalloonLover (1 year ago) me to sale it to someone in the US, Americans would just buy one locally cuz its cheaper
MylarBalloonLover (1 year ago) @SGWaS I live in a small tiny apartment and I only have limited space and I collect 00's stuff and wanna save that era b4 its gone my country is very modern so that stuff is already getting rare here and I don't have space to keep other things and cuz that console was 120V and only worked w/ a American RF plug no one in my country was interested in buying it and the Post office is too expensive so it would cost as much as the value of the console to ship it to America so it was not worth it for
SGWaS (1 year ago) @BratzLover Oh. Sorry, I had no idea.

I still think that it's a bit disrespectful to destroy it though...but whatever.
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