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Me? Well, my title says it all... I love toilet humour! Got a problem? Then piss off! It's for a laugh after all...

This was my original description of my Youtube account which lasted for a good 13-14 years!

Sadly, in late March of 2022, Youtube destroyed all my swell work on there due to "Hate speech" / "Copyright" laws.

So, here I am on Vidlii. I hope to reupload all of my videos, as well as some from other swell Youtube channels.

Youtube is finished.

Personally, I don't do barney bunch / speakonia videos any more, but I still enjoy watching them both on Youtube and on here. I'm one of the original from the 3rd era of the Barney Bunch. My main inspirations were StrawberryBarney, BooNube, TheSecondL, crazydude235, PanicPagoda, SammyT3hSnake, Barney Bunch Company, Blood, BakaSurvivor2101-2, SwellBarney, MTown (ShiftyTheAlimighty), and many many others... both active and inactive.

(Update 2024:)
I only come on here to view / upload Barney Bunch / Speakonia related videos. All other so-called "content" on here (gore / nazi / paedo shit) I have zero interest in, so don't waste your time with me. I'm not a leftist retard, but I'm also not a fucking nazi, nonse, murderer, or any other form of degenerate.
Country: Christmas Island
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AngelusBarney (5 days ago)
Ahoyhoy. Tbh, I wouldn't be surprised if I still had some shit backed up, This place would probably be good to repost some possibly even ancient shit.
LochNessPanda (1 month ago)
Yo... I remember you. I still keep in touch with some of the BB members.
PanicPagoda (6 months ago)
Thanks! Glad to see you too - I remember your videos!
HACKEDBYVLTP (1 year ago)
Sub 4 sub
RoboticBloxxer (2 years ago)
I'm glad to see some old classics once again.
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