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Age: 22
I'm an elderly home resident that loves the Ultra 64 and one game on it enough to make videos on it. Also, Macintosh I suppose. Mellowed out from my firey teenage years, I know I was cringe at the time. Giving VidLii a second chance now that the ads (and Vlare) are gone.

I seek out earnestness. I would prefer a bad video that is meant to be good over just shitposts. Too bad VidLii is just shitposts.

Alt Site Old Timer --
YouTube 2007-
ZippCast 2015-2016
VidBit 2016-2017
Weenoo, Metajolt, and that one with the black background that I have just been reminded was UploadSociety for like a week
VidBitFuture 2017
VidLii 2017-2018, 2022-
Vlare 2018-2019
Country: Afghanistan
Interests: Music, theoretical (not electoral) politics, free and open source, OpenPOWER and its earlier form PowerPC
Music: Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight (DKC2 Style), Lucifer Corpus
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origin of clown music
origin of clown music 1 year ago
VidLii: 2017 vs 2019
VidLii: 2017 vs 2019 4 years ago
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MLP G5 Feel This Moment
Wait, are they seriously doing 3D animation now?
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VidLii: 2017 vs 2019
inb4 someone takes this shitpost too seriously.
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Fuck Amazon PSA
DRM sure is cool, isn't it? I'm so glad we decided streaming was better than blu-rays, even though the latter is the only way to guarantee you can con...
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I fucking hate vidlii and Im done, ...
@Gamerappa Honestly, dude, I miss it too. Even the dumb petty internet drama was more interesting than just the constant stream of low effort garbage ...
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thanks for the sub
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